Category: Chypre Fruity

Notes: Mandarin orange, cherry, strawberry, pineapple, violet, rose, jasmine, caramel, popcorn, amber, patchouli and musk.

The Bottle:  The shape is classic (read: unimaginative) but it’s the bow that makes this a little fussy for my tastes. At least it isn’t an actual ribbon. I generally feel any sort of cloth embellishment on a perfume bottle cheapens the look of the overall composition, but the fact that it’s sculpted in metal makes this one borderline. Cute, if a little kitschy for Dior.

The Scent: A favorite, not because the scent transports me to new realms of ecstasy, but because when I wear it, people lurk around corners to pounce. They pin me down to the sidewalk, and demand to know what I’m wearing. A few have even forced me to write down the name, so they can go and purchase it immediately. It’s all very aggressive, yet somehow flattering. I had a woman once interrogate me about it in a cheese shop, where I swear smelling anything other than roquefort and cheddar should have been impossible. I suppose it just compliments my body chemistry, but the odd thing is that I can hardly detect it on myself after the first hour (though others obviously still can). It’s sweet and ladylike, certainly, and seems to be an attention grabber, but I wear it more for the reaction I get than for personal enjoyment of the notes. Like eating strawberry and cherry candy in a movie theater where everyone else is eating popcorn.


The Bottle Snob