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Category: Oriental Spicy 

Notes: Amber, incense, coriander, spices, vanilla, civet (ewww), vetiver, spices, basil, orange blossom, sandalwood, jasmine, rose, lemon, cedar, bergamot, peach, mandarin orange and oakmoss.

The Bottle: Very much a product of its time, it is a little outdated and chunky by today’s standards. That said, it’s hardly one of the worst offenders from this era. The color scheme evokes the heavy strains of amber within, which I don’t much care for.

The Scent: Despite a life-long love affair with vanilla, the spices here are just too prominent for my tastes. It is certainly a “statement” scent, and Darling, if you are comfortable making a statement this bold, more power to you. I can appreciate the depth and intricacy of the composition on paper, but find it intolerable on my skin – too dark and amber-heavy. It’s smokey in a way that would be far too pervasive (in my opinion) in all but the coldest weather. I have a friend who wears this frequently, and it smells nice on her, after a couple of hours have passed. I was once present for her initial spritzing, and nearly passed out.