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Category: Floral Green

Notes: Rose, Gardenia, Peony, Cardamom, Cucumber, Bamboo, Artemesia, Raspberry, Cassia.

Bottle: Clean, graceful lines, softly green glass. Evokes the simple elegance of eastern decor. A bit misleading, given the floral explosion of the first spritz.

The Scent: Firstly, this perfume is not well named. It has a pulsing floral energy, at least initially. I love it (used SPARINGLY) but my friend describes it as “a floral revolt”. The heavy gardenia, peony and rose certainly come through loud and clear, and at first it feels a bit unbalanced. However, once these notes relax a bit, the softer, cleaner, more serene green notes peak through, and the composition changes to something much more zen-like. Worth the initial essence of an overly excitable garden.