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Category: Oriental Woody

Notes: Honey, Jasmine, lily, magnolia, sandalwood, mandarin, pepper, a mixture of woodsy notes.

The Bottle: Soft, curving lines with some beautiful tactile interest. Perfectly feminine in its organic simplicity. *****

The Scent: Although it isn’t one of my absolute favorites, I admire this perfume because it is truly such a chameleon. It smells different on everyone I know, and instead of blaring its name, it softly and warmly insinuates its way into the nasal passages, the way a graceful hostess might direct the conversation between her dinner guests. It frames the sensuality of each individual woman who wears it, the little black dress of any collection. The honey is soft but perceptible, and the lily and jasmine are sweet without being overpowering. The woodsy notes ground the scent, giving it a distantly earthy quality that only deepens its appeal. Delightfully understated. *****