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Category: Oriental Vanilla

Notes: Apricot, plum, pepper, coconut, tuberose, lily of the valley, rose, rosewood, jasmine, sandalwood, almond, vanilla.

The Bottle: Reminiscent of a certain delectable but deadly apple. Eve’s or Snow White’s? Take a little of each, honey, I’m feeling generous. I delight in the delicious villainess vibe that I get when I hold this bottle – I always preferred the evil queen to that sappy idiot Snow White. Not wild about the plasticky finish ( I prefer the glass of the Eau Sensuelle version) but the vibe is there. ****

The Scent:¬†Sheer adoration, that’s what I feel. The coconut/plum combination draws me in, but I pull up a chair and stay for the divine almond and vanilla drydown. Decent staying power, and it gets more supple and sweet as the day goes on. Effectively bridges the gap between sexy and ladylike. *****