As I’ve begun to read other perfume blogs, I have been dismayed by a recurring trend. Almost to a man (and with a single voice) the majority of other perfume bloggers out there condemn many modern perfumes as soulless, watery little concoctions that don’t hold a candle to the old classics, or else as syrupy sweet sugar waters that try too hard to appeal to the younger set. While it’s undeniably true that popular fragrances these days seem to trend towards the sweeter, less complex side of things, I don’t see this as the demise of the Olfactory Arts. By contrast, my own (admittedly immature)  nose tends to revile many “classic”  scents, and to hone towards fresh fruitiness and warm gourmands. Am I to conclude that I have terrible taste, or that I am merely the hapless by-product of a sugar-happy generation? Whichever, honey, I don’t intend to apologize for my predilections. however bizarre or perverted. Must a fragrance have a zillion notes in it to be considered tasteful and classic? But unlike another snob’s, my good opinion, once lost, is not lost forever. I’ll continue to smell the classics as I walk by the Chanel and Guerlain counters, irritating the salesgirls to no end. And if, by chance, one day a previously revolting scent should jump up and hit me in the face with its loveliness, I shall be the first to admit defeat. Until that moment, I shall continue to hoard chocolate and caramel scents most other fragrance fanatics wouldn’t be caught dead with, and to enjoy the hell out of it.


The Bottle Snob