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Category: Floral Woody Musk

Notes: Cherry blossom, frangipani, incense, rice, pink pepper, peony, spice blend, sandalwood and vanilla.

The Bottle: For some reason completely unknown, Kenzo charms the hell out of me, Honey. The slightly off-kilter, smooth and sensual silhouette of all of the bottles in the “Amour” series appeals to my admiration for simple Eastern-inspired design. The Hindi script appeals to my fascination with the sexily exotic (a fascination which has caused my poor parents much despair). ****

The Scent: I adore it – the incense adds just the right amount of smokiness to the sweetness of the cherry blossom. It imbues it with a slightly mystical, exotic air that is perfectly in keeping with the name. That said, it has absolutely no staying power, at least on me. I sprayed it on my wrist, and it was all but gone an hour later. Divine, but unfortunately, very short-lived. Like finding Nirvana and then being unceremoniously kicked out, all in one afternoon. ****