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Category: Floral Woody Musk

Notes: Black currant, cassia, orange, bergamot, ginger, iris, fig leaf, mint, cloves, white wood, musk.

The Bottle: Slight resemblance to a marital aid aside, I am actually a fan of this type of bottle. It’s clean and modern, no fuss. The lines are simple (yet hardly traditional) and no hint is given as to the character of the scent inside, allowing you to form your own opinion without any prodding from the manufacturer. Not exactly pretty, but enjoyable in its neutral simplicity. ****

The Scent: Cleanly lovely, the olfactory equivalent of looking out on a fresh snowfall. Deliciously, softly green, with the mint, ginger and cassia taking center stage, at least on me. A purifying quick-fix for those that may have something to feel guilty about.  ****