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Category: Floral Green

Notes: Angelica, mixture of citruses, violet leaf, orchid, vanilla, orris root, vetiver, oak moss, musk.

The Bottle: A squarishly classic sort of shape, but the floral background cheapens, rather than enhances, the look. Looks a bit like it has a sticker de-cal pasted to its back. A cool color pallet fails to evoke the warmth of dawn and sunlight. **  

The Scent: So green and wonderful – smells to me like clover, and brings back memories of lying in the fields with my friends – rolling down hills, etc. Very wholesome and girl next door – not my usual cup of tea, but I was immediately drawn to it. The angelica and violet leaf are a match made in heaven. My only quarrel is with the longevity – it’s gone within 1-2 hours, depending on the heat of the day. Nice for a picnic, the cottage, or an afternoon of walking and exploring – not for dates or dinners or work. ****