Category: Oriental Floral

Notes: Freesia, Rose, peony, litchi, lily of the valley, magnolia, cedar, amber.

The Bottle: Perfectly balanced, very chic, although I could have done without the dull-colored ribbon. Adds a splash of sophistication to any dresser top, just by standing there and looking pretty. Don’t ask it to contribute to the conversation, however, because the result will be a … ****

The Scent: …ROSE ATTACK. Not sure how they managed to make such a gentle, fragrant flower into an assault weapon, but manage it they did. The litchi is barely there, which is a pity, because it might have come to your defense against the barrage of awfulness that is this rampaging floral. No ladylike grace here, only a violent rose that stomps in like a strumpet in a tantrum, overstays its welcome, then meanders off into the night, casting back threatening looks. **