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Category: Oriental Vanilla

Notes: Passion flower, vanilla, vetiver, jasmine

The Bottle: Softly blue and just a little twisted, it unquestionably takes the eye. Beautifully simple, but with none of the boring boxiness of some of the other Lancome cousins, or overly ornamented nonsense of a cutesy Anna Sui creation. Pretty glimmering facets and smooth lines. ****

The Scent: Like the bottle, it draws you in with a simple, soft charm. While the Passion Flower is a bit unusual, it is balanced out by the comfortable familiarity of the vanilla and jasmine, creating a little gem that is half exotic, half comforting. But Darlings, DO NOT OVER-APPLY, as I can bear witness to the fact that it can be quite intolerably potent in confined spaces (the car, the elevator, and in one especially disastrous, nausea-inducing incident, the subway). Keep the trigger finger light, my loves. ****