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Category: Oriental Vanilla

Notes: Nectarine, orange, bitter orange, bergamot, rose, peony, peach, freesia, nutmeg, anise, cedar, vanilla, musk and sandalwood.

The Bottle: So twee, Britney Spears would turn up her nose. There is a VAST difference between something feminine and tastefully ornamented, and a cutesy, gag-inducing, belongs-in-the-dollar-store-sale-bin bottle like this one. Bright colors? Honey, I love them. Jewelly sparkles? Not an issue. Fussy little details? Fine, in moderation. Polly Pocket’s plastic purse? Not so much. *

The Scent: Cheap smelling synthesized vanilla, and a hint of some unidentifiable floral. Some sort of citrus in the mess as well, but it hightails it after ten minutes, as though embarrassed to be caught associating with the other two. Looks like cheap, smells like cheap. Not a product I would want to be associated with. *