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Category: Floral Woody Musk

Notes: Rose, freesia, jasmine, orange blossom, tiare flower, bergamot, musk, vanilla, violet, heliotrope

The Bottle: Gwen Stefani is clearly an honors graduate of the Anna Sui School of “lets make everything super tiny and call it cute.” Even simply viewed as an homage to a style of dress, this bottle leaves a lot to be desired. Harajuku, (real Harajuku) is far more edgily playful than this. This is Chucky in ribbons and bows. It’s only a matter of time before it rises up and kills you by smothering you with a Hello Kitty pillow. **

The Scent: Well, my little darling, you are a tiny jasmine and baby powder nightmare, aren’t you? A quick trip to the infant’s aisle at your local drugstore will produce the same result, and for a good deal less money. *