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Category: Floral Aldehyde

Notes: Citrus blend, peach, hyacinth, cyclamen, orris root, carnation, lily of the valley, sandalwood, musk, vanilla, oakmoss, cedar.

The Bottle: I’m sorry, is this nail polish? One would like to excuse it, given that it came out in the 1970s, but the nature of its offense is so severe that I cannot bring myself to un-turn-up my nose.* 

The Scent: Carnation has always been a nemesis of mine, and this time is no different. I am offended by aldehydes as well, but here it’s carnation that is the true villain. Essence of an empty funeral home, where the fog of countless cheap floral arrangements has embedded itself in the dark wood. To make matters worse, there is no escaping this one. Even after running away from the perfume counter at top speed, stripping as I ran up the stairs to my apartment, and showering immediately (they don’t make water hot enough) it was still perceptible for hours. Hours. *