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Category: Chypre Floral

Notes: Rhubarb, bergamot, datura, rose, tuberose, sandalwood, patchouli

The Bottle: Girly elegant, if such a classification exists. Not a big fan of bows, but this one has a sculptural, curving quality to it that I like. Seems to glow with a tangible warmth from the inside out. ****

The Scent: Festive, and yet soft – the unusual rhubarb element is what pulls this off, I believe. Sweet essence of Christmas dessert with a spicy edge. Best suited to cold weather and cashmere afghan-wrapped relaxation/ the opening of extravagant presents. Is it a problem that it’s SO evocative of the holidays that its difficult to imagine wearing it at any other time? You decide, Honey. Personally I think all days should include the unwrapping of extravagant presents, snow and cashmere-swaddled cuddling… among other things. ****