The Craving: The Thai restaurant down the block from my university apartment didn’t do an amazing Pad Thai, but their coconut sticky rice was simply without peer. Sweet, creamy, and at the same time comforting and familiar. Properly prepared rice is astonishingly fragrant all on its own. I’d walk back to Toronto just to get my hands on a bowl of this, as I now live in a country where it seems rice can only be served with refried beans and a wristy slosh of tequila. I’m not complaining, of course. About the Tequila.

The Solution: If Thai chefs are in as distressingly short supply in your neighborhood as they are in mine, make due with some delicious Warm Vanilla Sugar by Bath and Body Works. Cheap to acquire and delightfully sweet, the creamy coconut, soft rice, and tantalizingly sweet brown sugar will temporarily curb the craving, allowing you to get back to really enjoying your local stray dogs, scorpions and tamales… or whatever happens to roam in your streets.