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Category: Oriental Woody

Notes: Pear, mimosa, ivy leaf, hibiscus, freesia, bergamot, sandalwood, musk, amber, incense.

The Bottle: Common, uninteresting shape, but what saves her are the odd little textural details. The neck resembles bangle bracelets unevenly stacked; the raised surface of the bottle itself makes it seem more organic, and less of an unimaginative celebrity junk design. Evokes the image of warm water washing up on slightly rocky sand. ***

The Scent: Warmth is the key word here – gentle and warm, it’s certainly not a statement piece. Reminds me a bit of JLo’s Deseo, which I like decently, but doesn’t send me jumping for joy either. The pear comes on strong, but it’s juicy and not at all synthetic – enjoyably overwhelming. The florals play it low key, allowing the softly smoky incense and sandalwoods to gain the upper hand. Pleasant – not divine, but pleasant. ***