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Category: Floral Fruity

Notes: Melon, peach, black currant, pineapple, lemon, musk, amber, oakmoss, cedar.

The Bottle: A little fanciful, but what can I say? I have a soft spot for Tinkerbell. It could have been much worse, as Anna Sui seems to have a terrible fascination with the cheesy extremes of the fairy tale aesthetic. Here, the color scheme is simple, and the cap is even rather pretty. ***   

The Scent: Melon and I have a terrible and turbulent relationship, one which centers around a nauseatingly long car trip with a beloved cousin who appeared to have bathed in its essences and showed a profound disinclination to roll down the windows. Fortunately, the offending fruit isn’t a strong presence here, bowing out early on in favor of a lasting lemon zest with pineapple and black currant handmaidens. Not complex, but a sweet little hymn in praise of your inner fairy princess. Light and airy after the initial ten minutes of candy-like sweetness. I may give it to my cousin for Christmas. ***