Category: Floral

Notes: Jasmine, rose, sandalwood, lotus, gardenia, mandarin orange, bergamot, lily, lily of the valley, orris, musk.

The Bottle: Yawn. Slightly bell shaped, it reminds me of countless nights spent at family weddings (when the damnable tinkle of those tiny kiss bells make you want to tear your hair, and claw at the eyes of the person next to you while emitting a high pitched shrieking sound). Considerably heavier and clunkier than said tiny bells, this bottle has been known to cause significant pain when you drop it on your toe. **

The Scent: A virtual cavalry charge of heavy orange, lily and gardenia, with the faintest, most delicate splash of top-of-the-line cat pee. The more delicate notes (lotus and softest rose) are completely forced out. As with most highly objectionable scents, the sillage and longevity of this tiny beast are top notch, making it almost impossible to get rid of. Adheres to the skin like a Lohan to a gin bottle.**