The Craving: Deep, dark, sexy chocolate over creamy yet crunchy roasted almonds – possibly one of the better combinations known to the palate of man  woman. The sort of chocolate that doesn’t gush but glide when it’s melted down, and the sort of almonds that taunt the tongue with their delicate, earthy flavor. My father gave these to us as children when we went to the movies – one packet between three of us. There were never enough, and he doled them out (maddeningly, enragingly) one by one, every few minutes. I won’t go into too much detail – suffice to say, he quickly learned that trying to ration chocolate almonds among three female teenagers was a much different experience than doing so with three small girls. We nearly had his arm off.

The Solution: Mexican Cocoa by Pacifica… Deep and nutty chocolate brilliance – creamy and nutmeg-heavy and divine. Almonds are in the drydown, and are worth the wait, I promise. Wearer Beware: My sisters may try to eat you.