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Category: Floral woody musk

Notes: Pink pepper, mandarin orange, bergamot, cardamon, tea, hyacinth, orris, vetiver, cedar, musk.

The Bottle: Preppy, not edgy. The ad campaign appears to be targeted at trendy La Vie Boheme types, but the presentation is all prep school baby. Brings to mind a gin flask and plaid kilts…. both of which were accessories at my particular prep school. ***

The Scent: Happy, peppery tea and citrus. The floral notes only flicker on every now and then, whereas pink pepper, tea and orange are constant and inescapable. Don’t get me wrong, Honey – I actually quite enjoy this fragrance in and of itself – but something about it also brings to mind binders and lockers and knee socks. Also brings about a strange urge to call everyone “Sir”. Sweetly Bitchy, somehow, this Eau de Snobbish High School… for better or worse. ****