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Category: Floral Fruity

Notes: Curacao, grapefruit, cardamon, peony, jasmine, honeysuckle, vanilla, musk.

The Bottle: Edging on cheesiness as it may be, I enjoy the lace and fishnet effect. Clearly packaged for a teenager, but with that distantly femme floozy, sweetly-proudly- trashy vibe that I find so difficult to resist. Sometimes, the distant recollection of lace and fishnets is all that gets one through a boring office day – that and staring at the cute delivery boy with the foot long eyelashes…. I’m sorry, what was I talking about? ***

The Scent: Although it eventually ends up as a lightly spicy vanilla (with grapefruit cameo appearance), the top of this one is very clearly blue curacao, with its sweetly edgy bouquet of alcoholic sugar. Does one aspire to smell like the bar? Perhaps not. But the cloying sweetness can serve as a reminder of cocktails to come on a particularly trying Friday….. or Tuesday. ***