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Category: Oriental Floral

Notes: Saffron, thyme, mandarin orange, lily, ylang-ylang, orchid, oak moss, tonka bean, vanilla, rosewood.

The Bottle: A highly original teardrop design with dark hues and slightly bizarre facets, it perfectly suits its contents. Leans more towards demon than ange, that’s for certain, Love. Almost calls to mind some sort of apothecary potion – a dark and dangerous concoction that will cause you to weep blood, or something similarly alarming. ****

The Fragrance: A heavily herbal (saffron and thyme) top does nothing to dispel the apothecary vibe, and the heart is all ylang-ylang, which reliably sends me into paroxysms of rage. A dark, woody vanilla base eventually makes this quite tolerable, but the journey is a twisted one. An almost gothic sort of fragrance, daring and mysterious and slightly bizarre – perfect for the villainess/demon in you, but the angel may think twice. ***