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Category: Floral Fruity

Notes: mandarin orange, blood grapefruit, plum, apple, orchid, bergamot, lily of the valley, rose, freesia, mimose, lily, magnolia, amber, musk.

The Bottle: A glorified metal-topped glass of water. When inexpressibly dull met unimaginably lazy, this was what resulted. Why, oh why am I condemned to live in a world where the frequency of tasteful, imaginative bottle designs is on a par with verifiable extraterrestrial visitations?  Why would one go to the trouble of painstakingly blending a bouquet of fruit and flowers into soft, beguiling layers, and then just bung it in any old tin can? End of rant. **

The Scent: Sour citrus candy (let me emphasize SOUR) wrapped in magnolia leaves and rose petals. Sound appealing? It oughtn’t. Mandarin orange is perfectly lovely, but this one is as subtle as a spear to the back of the head. The florals provide a lightly spicy drydown, which only serves to complicate (not enrich) the blunt, trumpeting trio of grapefruit, bergamot and mandarin that puts a choke hold on the nose from the first spritz, and refuses to relax its grip. It isn’t often one can describe a floral fruity as “rampaging”, but this one is a bully, and refuses to go quietly. **