The Craving: Sometimes you gotta have it – delightfully delectable, scintillatingly suck-able, seductively savor-able candy. Whether your childhood memories feature the consumption of chewy, whip-like red licorice, gooey fruit roll-ups wrapped around the finger, sour gumballs that burned off your top layer of tongue flesh, or little pez pieces disturbingly ejected through the stoma of a cartoon character, it feels good to relive them now and again.

The Solution: Can’t deal with the resulting self-hatred (and tooth decay) of a Halloween-esque, no holds barred, candy binge session that calls to mind the more debaucherous of the Caligula orgies? No problem, Darlings – Demeter Fragrance Library to the rescue once again. Their Orange Cream Pop will have you salivating, guaranteed, and is far easier on the dental bill. Warning: Wrist gnawing may result.