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Category: Floral Fruity

Notes: Mango, red apple, blood orange, violet leaf, jasmine, apple blossom, musk, benzoin, amber.

The Bottle: It’s a mess out there, Darlings. Stocky masculine shape plus terrifyingly tacky decoration equals ludicrous tat from top to bottom. No finesse – only bright, disordered colors and off-putting designs. I have no issue with tattoo style art in theory (if these designs were actually tattooed on someone’s flesh, that would impress me), and even find some designs quite beguiling. That said, this nonsense on a perfume bottle makes me certain that a juvenile, cheap fragrance lies within, before ever I take a sniff. *

The Scent: It doesn’t disappoint. Or rather, it does, by being exactly what one suspects it will be. Sickly sweet, it bursts forth in a cloud of fruity mango-apple fumes, then quickly thins out to a ill-defined sugar musk. Cheap and cheerful, it manages the interesting trick of first overwhelming the senses, and then underwhelming them, all within the space of about an hour…. and then its just a dot on the horizon, hardly there at all. **