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Category: Floral

Notes: Magnolia, Hyacinth, jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, orange blossom, musk, woodsy blend.

The Bottle: Cute little snowflakes add some interest – not beautiful, but sweet, fresh, clean, and evocative of its name (“snow”). Could have done without the awkward little scratched flake on the cap. ****

The Scent: Apparently, fresh snow smells like militant hyacinths. Surprised? It also has the merest suspicion of jasmine, but it’s the hyacinths that begin this little floral argument, and the hyacinths that finish it. I don’t normally gravitate towards pure florals, and this one is no different: this garden is PMSing in a big way, honey, with no relief in sight. The drydown is softer and cleaner, but to get there means doing some serious time in floral Hell. Ever been given a tight, inescapable hug by a maiden aunt? Imagine that lasting an hour and a half, and you have some idea of Neiges’ suffocating power. **