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Category: Floral Fruity Gourmand

Notes: Black currant, honeysuckle, mandarin orange, gardenia, jasmine, sandalwood, vanilla, caramel, pralines, amber.

The Bottle: Pink bows, golden charms and a delightfully fussy etching beguile the eye and nauseate the stomach in equal measure. Darling in its own adorably cutesy way. So sweet it may induce a toothache, if looked at for too long.  ***

The Fragrance: Endlessly, edibly frivolous, superficial and fun. A rhapsody of sweetness that clings to the skin, and pays extravagant homage to the wonders of caramel, pralines and vanilla. A giddy teenager of a fragrance, but a benevolent, sweet teenager who does volunteer work on the weekends, as opposed to the cynical, heavily made-up variety who insists that she has hidden depths beyond parental comprehension. ****