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Category: Floral Woody Musk

Notes: Wild Strawberry, Violet leaf, blood grapefruit, jasmine, gardenia, violet, musk, white wood accord, vanilla.

The Bottle: Sweetly, simply kitsch – but attractive nonetheless, in a plasticky sort of way. The bottle itself is played down to capitalize on its extravagantly girly cap, which almost brings to mind a fairy-tale potion of some sort. Looks like something Alice might drink to make her very small. ***

The Scent: Extremely reminiscent of a daisy, it immediately goes quite leafy and grassy on me. The violet leaf performs an extended and bitterly green solo, with a creeping woody musk bass line eventually perceptible. The florals are evidently suffering from laryngitis, and the strawberry selfishly holds its tongue. Not a favorite, Darlings – if I wanted to smell like a field, I would go and roll in one. Too top-heavy for my tastes by a long shot. **