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Category: Floral Fruity

Notes: Grapefruit, quince, jasmine, hyacinth, iris, cedar, musk, amber.

The Bottle: A delicate little yawn, but a yawn nonetheless. Soft pink color and smooth lines fail to make up for Chanel’s patent lack of imagination. Even the classics like to dress up sometimes, Darling. ***

The Scent: Like floating on a cloud of sweetest citrus – there’s no bite here, only the tender caress of a floaty fruity floral wonder. Clean and lovely and as above reproach as the sister your parents prefer. The hyacinth and iris keep their soft contributions to a minimum, as though they were merely restrained floral cheerleaders on the sidelines. The quince takes the lead, insinuating itself into your nasal passages with grace and delicacy and grapefruit wafting behind it. Magnificent. Downside: lacks a decent anchor, and therefore drifts away long before you are ready to say goodbye. *****