The Craving: Combine deep, dark, rich chocolate with the best of chewy, mind meltingly delicious pastry – and I’m just a girl who can’t say no. The sort of brownie your mother used to make, which was never fully cooked in the middle, and delighted you with its sinful gooiness, until your father told you to stop groaning and go play outside. Nibble it, gobble it, savour it, rub it into my skin and ingest it by way of osmosis – that brownie and I have had this date from the beginning. 

The Solution: If hoarding and ingesting baked goods at a rate that concerns your relatives sounds distasteful to you (prude) then spritz on a little Brownie by Demeter Fragrance Library instead. It’s almost as good as the real thing, and won’t result in nearly as many embarrassing hog-like snorting sounds and accidental chocolate facials. Just don’t walk through a gym wearing this – unless you want the abandoned treadmills and sudden spike in Macdonald’s chocolate shake sales on your conscience.