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Category: Floral Fruity

Notes: Japanese Osmanthus, green apple, mandarin orange, freesia, boronia, magnolia, iris, musk

The Bottle: A stubby little dwarf of a bottle, lacking both grace and charm. Why, Ralph, Why? Such a pretty little scent in such a nothing little package. Squats on a dresser top like the infamous bump on a log.**

The Scent: Delicately floral, with a slightly tart apple note in the opening. This quickly recedes, beckoning in the soft freesia, and a musky iris. The osmanthus takes the day in the end, languishing on the skin like a lover reluctant to depart. Pretty is the operative word, as one wouldn’t likely consider this a sexy or even lightly sensual option. Charms passersby, as opposed to drawing them in like a magnet. A casual piece. ****