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Category: Chypre floral

Notes: Lemon, cedar, pink pepper, jasmine, water hyacinth, teak, iris, amber, musk, vetiver, patchouli.

The Bottle: Sigh. Classy looking, yet totally devoid of any artistic imagination. Chanel appears to be trying to compensate by including a zanily posed model doing questionable things to their sad, dull bottle. I’m not fooled, Darlings. In no way remarkable.  ***

The Scent: A sparkling, fresh little gem that all but leaves a trail of fairy dust behind you as you walk/mince/parade/prance/strut. Excellent sillage, and the lemon note is so pure, you may want to pucker your lips. The pink pepper lends it a more youthful edge, and the slightly unusual teak/water hyacinth drydown is positively angelic in its soft fragility. Bright and exuberant at first spray, hopeful and sweet after an hour. *****