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Category: Floral

Notes: Mandarin orange, orange blossom, peach, peony, lily, amber, musk

The Bottle: Vaguely heart-shaped, softly pinkish, daintily contoured. Pretty enough to be getting on with, at any rate. The only reaction this drew from me was a raised eyebrow, but I can accept its existence in my universe with only minimal throwing of tantrums. ***

The Scent: Not repellent, certainly, but royally florally boring. Nothing here speaks up for itself. A wandering, lazy floral that fails to enchant with its heavy lily and peony haziness. A bit like a garden that’s in the process of giving up. Unfortunately, the staying power is quite decent, and it doesn’t take the hint when you politely suggest that it depart (via soap and water). Like anyone/thing deadly boring, it overstays its welcome nicely. ***