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Category: Floral

Notes: Carnation, peach, spice blend, neroli, bergamot, rose, rosewood, gardenia, violet, orchid, ylang-ylang, rosemary, jasmine, orris root, cloves, iris, musk, amber, sandalwood, vetiver, oakmoss, cedar, benzoin.

The Bottle:  Breathtaking, and an enduring classic. Balanced and feminine and exquisitely composed. Immediately catches your attention, and holds it with the contrast in the glass, and in the smooth, traditional form of the bottle, set off by a delicately sculpted cap. And when the flawless salesgirl openly sneers at your knock-off shoes, it feels simply lovely to deprive her of her commission by buying this expensive perfume from the polite, smiling woman across the aisle. Snobbery is no excuse for bad manners, Darling. *****

The Scent: But, it would appear that the salesgirl had the last laugh, as she frequently succeeds in selling bottles of this mess for hundreds of dollars. Why, exactly? The bitter, funereal carnation dominates, and singes the inside of the nostrils so that it is almost impossible to perceive anything else. Even so, a little ylang-ylang and rosemary fight their way through, forming a most odd trio. A noisy floral that starts with unnecessary strength, and ends as a soapy, angry smelling concoction that takes your wrists hostage for many hours. **