Category: Floral woody musk

Notes: Pink pepper, orange blossom, rose, peony, heliotrope, lily of the valley, magnolia, patchouli, sandalwood, musk, amber, vetiver.

The Bottle: Darling, why in the world would one pay even the reduced price for something that most resembles a gargantuan bottle of pink nail polish? Quite charmless, unfortunately. **

The Scent: If I wanted to smell like a rose garden, I would go and collapse in one. Actually, I wouldn’t, as that would be both painful and daft. But nor would I wear this glorified rose water that smells suspiciously as though its had a pepper shaker upended into it at some point. When I think of Kate Moss…… well, let’s be honest, Darling, I think of a skeleton who smells of heroin and vodka martinis. Until there exists a market for such a concoction, perhaps Ms. Moss might take her dubious talents elsewhere. Doesn’t develop, doesn’t last, doesn’t seduce, doesn’t deserve to exist. **