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The Craving: Men. But not the usual kind, Darling. These ones are warm, delicious, and sadly anatomically incorrect. I speak of those little staples of the Christmas season which come fresh out of the oven, and have little to no fear of commitment. Cinnamon and molasses and fragrant, seductive ginger give them a little edge, but not enough so that its impossible to eat ten in one sitting, sadly. Best consumed with a little icing (as are most things, real men included), or, if one is feeling devilish, whipped cream.

The Solution: If consuming ten men in one day sounds like a line you aren’t (yet) willing to cross, Serge Lutens has provided us with the antidote to this particular diet dilemma. His unisex Five o’clock au Gingembre positively sings of warm baked ginger treats. Honey, cinnamon, ginger and cacao transport you right back to mama’s kitchen, where, depending on how much eggnog she’d had, the little baked men would indeed be anatomically correct… or was that just my mother?