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Category: Oriental Spicy

Notes: Aldehydes, spice blend, orange, peach, bergamot, cinnamon, cassia, orchid, jasmine, cloves, ylang-ylang, rose, Tolu Balsam, Peru Balsam, patchouli, amber, musk, incense, vetiver, oakmoss, vanilla.

The Bottle: The appeal of this would be increased ten fold if only the fragrance itself were any other color at all. As it is, it looks like someone has thoughtfully gift-wrapped a tiny bottle of rootbeer. Or perhaps sewage water. Either way, my personal response to unidentified dark brown liquid is usually to get as far away from it as possible, not to sprinkle it liberally on my decollete. **  

The Scent: Dark and murky with a heavy spiciness that’s about as youthful as denture paste. The initial spray is a roundhouse kick to the wrist, with spices, jasmine, and ylang-ylang on the front lines. The cloves claw their way into the fray after a few minutes have passed, but it’s the base here that sticks around to put bamboo shoots under your fingernails. Incense and heavy balsam stage a bloody coup perhaps half an hour in, and linger on literally everything you touch for hours. Why bother to include such delicate, lightweight notes as orchid and cinnamon, when they are pounded into complete submission before ever the battle begins? The type of scent that wears you, as opposed to the other way around. **