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Category: Floral

Notes: Freesia, violet, orange blossom, osmanthus, jasmine, lily of the valley.

The Bottle: The transparently boring insecticide canister of your dreams and fantasies. Enjoy. **

The Scent: A brief symphony of nostalgia. Nostalgic because it reminds me of the freesia-fogged days of the girl’s high school locker room. Brief because it spends itself within an hour. Punchy, rubenesque florals were all the rage when this Darling was in blazers and knee socks, and to this day this particular one summons up the image of behind-the-hand whispers and smirking teenage skepticism. Smells like Clique, one might say. Popular Jasmine and Freesia sashay in front, with a wistful lily-violet wing woman running to catch up.  I put a little on my hand recently, and clearly remembered the itchiness of my wool kilt. ***