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Category: Oriental Floral

Notes: Quince, cardamom, ivy, mandarin orange, lotus, peony, freesia, iris, violet, orchid, vanilla, musk.

The Bottle: Given the low price point, this bottle represents the perfect marriage of simplicity and understated class. A lovely, pure-hearted, no-fuss silhouette that makes you long to run your fingers over its light contours. ****

The Fragrance: A gentle, enveloping floral that perfectly captures the image of angels lounging on the clouds… as long as they are All-American, vaguely preppy looking angels that also hold down part time jobs at Abercrombie and Fitch. This is an extremely Americanized scent, in my view: a thin, pretty floral that makes no particular statement, and is best described as “clean.” Lightly soapy, even. No pretentious French woodsy blends here, No Sir. No depth at all, in fact, and not much lasting power. Beguiling enough, in its own entirely safe, completely conformist way. ***