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Category: Floral Woody Musk

Notes: Frankincense, pepper, nutmeg, freesia, patchouli, sandalwood, amber, woodsy blends.

The Bottle: Tries a little too hard to be dark and mysterious (I’M DARK BLUE! I EXUDE MYSTERY! ONE OUGHT TO WEAR ME AT NIGHT!), and ends up looking a little like a fat blue man instead. That said, nothing about it makes me want to claw at my eyes and drag Lake Ontario. ***

The Fragrance: A pleasant, softly smoldering little surprise. With no fruit, and only a very light floral presence, the true, base aromatic notes (wood, spices) come through beautifully. Has a somewhat organic, sinful smell about it, a natural earthy appeal. Lightly peppery and smokily sweet, this could easily pass as a much more expensive, high-end scent, as opposed to the silly celebrity creation it actually is. Still, one must give credit where credit is due: Miss Moss backed the right horse. ****