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Category: Oriental Floral

Notes: Black currant, hawthorn, rose, opoponax, violet, jasmine, vanilla, musk.

The Bottle: One doesn’t want to apply the word “Adorable” too often Darling, as it tends to sound a little condescending. However, as condescension is one of my major skills, and mama always taught me to play to my strengths, here we go: This bottle is adorable. Simple and sweet and with that lovely little off-kilter lean that the Kenzo bottles are known for. A pleasure to behold. ****

The Scent: Immediately powdery and almost… musty? The violet is clear throughout, as is the generous helping of rose, but the black currant dies a quiet death early on, which is a shame. Reminds me a bit of the sort of person who is attractive when seen from a distance, but becomes more and more alarming as one approaches them. When experienced as a fleeting trace of scent, Flower is alright, and even quite pleasant. When one examines it more closely, however, it resembles a violet gone to seed: something in the combination gives off a lightly musty air of floral decay. Reminiscent of potpourri – that sort that is left at a cottage over a damp winter, and come spring is sprouting things. ***