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Category: Fruity Chypre

Notes: Peach, gardenia, freesia, patchouli, coriander, rose, jasmine, vetiver, vanilla.

The Bottle: Hi, I’m a Box. I bear a more than passing resemblance to a video cassette. Why, exactly? For fun and games. Horrid and square. **

The Scent: Fresh, razor-like coriander and dark patchouli run amok, with a gentler, peachy vanilla bridesmaid trailing behind. The florals lurk in the background sulkily, waiting for a moment in the sun that doesn’t arrive. That said… I must admit to liking this. Its sharp edges slice the air around the wearer (no one could ever accuse Rush of subtlety) but in its sharpness, it is also a true head-turner. The sort of scent that hints at a getaway car parked in a nearby alley, the smell of burnt rubber still hanging in the air. The bad girl in the club, dancing up a storm in shop-lifted Manolo Blahniks, with a purse full of illicitly acquired bills under her arm. ****