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Category: Oriental Floral

Notes: Plum, rose, peach, violet, anise, orange blossom, freesia, orchid, tuberose, carnation, honey, lily, lily of the valley, jasmine, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, musk, amber, benzoin, vetiver, heliotrope, cedar.

The Bottle: Evocative of its name, to be sure. A bit on the literal and uninspired side of things for me, but I suppose it could be much worse. Classic late eighties glamour spawned many a more hideous package. ***

The Scent: The initial nuclear carnation/ylang-ylang bomb sent me running (arms and legs akimbo), but the warm, honeyed rose drydown reeled me back in on silken threads, rather like a patient spider. While the first blast may briefly send you back to shoulder-padded Hell, (where the blue eyeshadow is loud, and the synthesizer music inescapable) the comforting, shallow floral on the other side is very wearable, and even enjoyable. A bit dated, but so anonymous and noncommittal after the first hour that it doesn’t matter: the nose simply experiences it as a waft of “nice.” ***