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Category: Oriental Floral

Notes: Red berries, clove, mandarin orange, lily of the valley, jasmine, incense, sandalwood, vanilla, amber, musk, tonka bean.

The Bottle: Nondescript and fairly graceless. Doubles as a blunt object to whack your sister with when she steals your make-up. **

The Scent: A tiny sample of this (along with three other scents) was hand-delivered to my dorm room in college, as part of a university promotion package. I freely admit to being an easy mark for such tactics (particularly when they are paired with a muscular delivery boy). I might even respond to “Sucker” were it called across a crowded room, truth be told. Naturally, I ran out and bought this, the first truly smokey incense smell I had ever experienced. Sweet and amber heavy with a touch of tart berry and a soupçon of soft rose, it laid the groundwork for other smokey lovelies in my life, including a drama major named Mike. Although now I experience it as a bit pedestrian and vanilla (in every sense) it remains one of my first olfactory loves, and hung around in my life a good deal longer than poor Mike. ****