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Category: Floral Fruity

Notes: Melon, peach, cyclamen, orange, bergamot, lemon, rosewood, orange blossom, osmanthus, orris root, rose, jasmine, sandalwood, musk, amber, oak moss, cedar

The Bottle: Yay sunscreen! Now, is the brilliant yellow coloring of the fragrance itself cheerful or off putting and a cause for concern? You be the judge, my Love.*

The Fragrance: A pulsating melon/peach cocktail tinged with cyclamen, and supported by a tangible sandalwood. All other notes appear to be non-starters, at least as far as my own nose is concerned. A lightly buttery quality to the honeydew drydown is a welcome change from the sharply screeching tone of the opening peach, which smells as if it has vengeance in its heart, a bone to pick, and an axe to grind. While not myself a fan of melon scents, my mother wore this when I was a child, and the smell of it haunts me whenever I’m doing something I shouldn’t. I wish I was being droll – I literally mean that it seems to hang in the air when I’m bad…. which is NEVER. Paragon of virtue. Blameless soul without a stain on my character. Hi, Mommy. ***