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Category: Woody Floral Musk

Notes: Mandarin, plum, peach, magnolia, orchid, wisteria, sandalwood, musk, amber.

The Bottle: Lovely cobalt blue with a hammer textured silver cap. Delectably minimalist. ****

The Scent: An azure composition that perfectly suits its bottle, and appears to shimmer. Warm and musky, reminiscent of sweet sun-kissed skin and white rocks. Downside? No development. While quite lovely, one expects a scent to change as it is worn, to shed its synthetic jacket, mature, and become more suited to the natural body chemistry of the wearer. This never occurs with Mediterranean – what you experience on first application is what remains two hours after.  Depth is also somewhat lacking: the plum and peach on top are gentle and unassuming, as the real meat of the scent comes from the wisteria, musk and mandarin orange. And you’d better like them, Darling, because they’re set in their ways. ***