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Category: Oriental

Notes: Plum, bergamot, iris, orange blossom, rose, lotus, sandalwood, amber, pralines, patchouli, vanilla, musk.

The Bottle: Vaguely resembles a bottle of aftershave – the one used by your most suffocatingly dull uncle. *

The Scent: A truly bottom-heavy oriental piece, I actually found this quite charming, particularly when one considers the low price point. Leaning towards the gourmand end of things, this little lover exudes praline and vanilla charm, along with the obligatory dose of darkish (but not too dark) amber. The lotus and sandalwood make a cursory appearance, and then gracefully duck out the back door. A cozy, cuddly, fireside scent, perfectly suited to your girl-next-door on a cool fall day. Safe and comfortable as your favorite sweater. ****