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Category: Oriental Floral

Notes: Apricot, apple, water lily, mandarin orange, tuberose, dark chocolate, guava, tiare flower, woodsy blend, vanilla, amber.

The Bottle: Ostentatiously Cheesy? Yes. But perhaps you are underestimating my susceptibility to the magnetic pull of gemstones and tiaras. Purple, slightly gaudy and unbelievably appealing to the spoiled brat in me. ****

The Scent: A girly little potion that might as well have been released from the Disney vault, so profoundly princess-ish is it. One almost wants to change into a gown and burst into a catchy musical number, backed by woodland creatures . The more elegant notes (water lily, tiare) take a backseat to pure, uncomplicated chocolate and vanilla, and these delicate florals don’t often manage to push their way through the candy phalanx. The guava is also apparent, which doesn’t add much in the way of depth or dimension, only contributing a sickliness to the already sweet. Using up most of its individuality right off the bat, Princess eventually settles into an unassuming sugary haze which, while nice enough, could really be anything at all. Belle, Jasmine and  Cinderella would approve. ****