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Category: Floral Fruity

Notes: Chamomile, cherry blossom, peach, aloe vera.

The Bottle:  A cheap, plasticky little number with a colorful, irresistible charm. Rather like my cousin Violet. **

The Scent: Sparkling, vivacious, and short-lived. An innocent aroma lead by a bright, euphoric peach, and playfully softened by a delicate cherry blossom. Rather like first love, there is a giddy rush, followed by a teasing sweetness, followed by a speedy cooling off. A petite cocktail of puppy love and romantic promises which fade into the background, this scent is the very encapsulation of a heady, melodramatic teenage love affair. Pure fun, with no depth or substance, and should be appreciated as such. Not to be worn by the gloomy or those who are feeling their age. ****